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Coffee Ice Cream

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Let us take you to paradise 🌴

... a chocolate, one that is 😍

Close your eyes and imagine spooning into chocolate ecstasy. Hear a little crunch as you crack through the top layer of Ghirardelli chocolate which then gives way to a mini explosion of dark chocolate sauce, and ganache, intermingled to create a chocolate-filled fantasy you never thought was possible. Finally, dig your spoon a little bit deeper to find a layer of ultra-moist double chocolate cake. All together, it is simply paradise.

Special Introductory Price for our 5” Tin Can - P 600
Care Instructions
- All Chocolate Paradise Cakes come to you FROZEN in order to keep the layers inside in good condition once travel time has been factored in. Please allow it to thaw before digging into its chocolatey goodness. You’ll know it’s ready to eat once you crack open the chocolate disk on top and see that the sauce below has melted slightly and is ready for its Insta-moment 😍
- Store what’s left of it (if any 😋) in the freezer.
- When transporting, please ensure that the cake stays upright and the can does not tip over.

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