• Berry Fantasy Cake
  • Berry Fantasy Cake
  • Berry Fantasy Cake
  • Berry Fantasy Cake

Berry Fantasy Cake



Indulge in those Strawberry Fantasies with this luscious and divine strawberry-filled dream of a cake! Our Berry Fantasy Cake is composed of delicious Tres Leches Layers, Chantilly Cream & 1 KG OF FRESH STRAWBERRIES! Yes, you heard that right— an entire kilogram of the freshest, juiciest strawberries! No scrimping here because you only deserve the best!

We highly recommend getting the Berry Fantasy Cake with 1kg of fresh US DRISCOLL’S STRAWBERRIES as this will ensure the sweetest strawberries for your cake!

Each 8x8” Berry Fantasy Cake comes with a complimentary satin pouch. Store immediately in the fridge / chiller upon receiving your cake.

Store your Berry Fantasy Cake in the chiller / fridge for best results. As we use fresh strawberries untreated with any chemicals / additives, we recommend consuming this cake within 2-3 days. If you plan on consuming this cake beyond 2-3 days, you may store it in the freezer but please be advised that the strawberries will harden / freeze if so. Thaw your cake until soft before enjoying.

Disclaimer : Quality & size of strawberries will depend on the current supply of local or DRISCOLL’S strawberries. We cannot fully control the sweetness level but we guarantee we always try to pick the best batches of strawberries for each order.

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